Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Byrdie Glossybox!

My Byrdie Glossybox finally arrived today. It was the October box (did they not realize it's November already?), but it's so awesome I'm okay with it. Apparently they ran short of Bvlgari perfume, so they sent a travel-sized (think hotel room goodie) Bvlgari soap. I'm totally okay with that. I love little soaps. This smells heavenly. Soft and heavenly. If you remember Lush's Ginger Soap, this smells really close to it. I've never used this Tarte Mascara before, so I'm excited. It gets great reviews, so I'm hoping for the best. The Fresh Lotus Face Cream is new to me, as well. It also gets good reviews, so we shall see. I've yet to find any reviews of the RENU Exfoliating Gel, but I have used their cleanser before, and I remember liking it. The balance Me Tinted Lip Salve is supposedly limited edition, and is supposed to match whomever received it. Mine looks a little dark, but I haven't tried it yet. Each month there are codes floating around for free gift with purchase for new Glossybox subscribers. October's was for a full-sized Bodyography Every Finish Blush. $30 value, y'all! It's gorgeous. And BIG. It reminds me of Nars Orgasm, but a teensy bit less pink to it.

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